FAQ for Dealer

Yes, this is allowed as long as they remain in their dealer area. Due to the fire-police regulations it is not permissible to enlarge the dealer area without authorization.

Yes, they have the possibility to order an empty selling area instead of tables. A separate sales area costs EUR 150/sqm plus VAT.

Yes, the stand height is generally 2.50 m in height and must not be exceeded. Stand heights over 2.50 m require a written approval from us.

It is only permitted to sell legal items. The sale of pirated copies and fake products is strictly forbidden. Food and beverages may only be sold with the previous written approval of the FCC.

Each dealer gets for an 2 to 4 m stand = 2 dealer passes, for an 6 m stand = 3 dealer passes,

for an 8 m stand = 4 dealer passes and for an 10 or more m stand = 5 dealer passes.

Additional passes are charged at 25 € each!



Construction is on Friday from 7 am till 8 pm and on Saturday from 7 am.

Clamps (Brackets?) can be used to attach displays to a table. However, no screws may be drilled in the table. Damaged tables must be replaced completely.

No! Table covers are to be brought by the dealer. All tables must be covered with the tablecloths before setting up the articles. Tables may not be pasted.

If you have ordered a back wall with your table and there is enough space, you can place your own shelves in front of the wall. Posters or price lists may be attached to the walls, e.g. with Tesa Power Strip. However, the adhesive residues must be completely removed after the event. Damaged or to be cleaned back walls will be charged to the dealer / exhibitor. Please note: back walls are not included in the price of the tables or sales areas.

No, they must protect themselves against theft during the construction and dismantling as well as the time of the event. It is recommended to conclude an exhibition insurance as well as a stand surveillance, which can be organized by the Messe Karlsruhe.

It is best to cover the items with cloths. At the end of the event, no one is allowed to enter the exhibition halls. At night, the exhibition halls and the open area are guarded by security of the fair Karlsruhe. We assume no liability for theft.

We do not take responsibility for the things that have been forgotten after the dismantling of the booth. Anything remaining after the event is treated as waste and disposed of at the expense of the dealer/exhibitor.

No, bookings can neither be cancelled nor refunded; nor are they transferable.

For further questions, please contact us at dealer@filmundcomiccon.com. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.

FAQ for dealer (PDF)