Conditions of Participation

The cosplay contest will take place on both days (11th and 12th August 2018) from 2 pm to 4 pm

 The deadline for registration is August 5, 2018 8 pm

  • - The costume must be created to at least 60% in own work.
  • - For the rated contest the Minimum Age is 16 years at the time of the Cosplay Contest.
  • - A valid ticket of the Film & Comic Con Offenburg must be present.

Evaluation Criteria Points 1-10

Overall impression
Production method, effort (sewing, handicrafts, wig), original or creativity

Presentation / persuasion, props and SFX, soundtrack
Positive and negative extra points

Registration individual:

Registration group:



The music must be brought by the participants as a track (30sec - 1min) on an otherwise empty USB stick or CD to the contest. The track must already be cut to size beforehand.
Attention: The track must have a correct volume and be already finished.
If you have any problems, you can contact our content partner. For a few euros he takes over the trimming and mastering of your music. Just contact the DOSA film and TV production at
If the track is not correct, it can happen that it is not played correctly or not at all.
File format is .mp3

Video / Photo

If a video or photo is to be shown on the screen next to the stage, the photo or the video must also be sent in advance. Likewise, the file has to be brought back mastered to the event on an empty USB stick or a DATA DVD
File Format Video: .mpg .avi .mp4 .mov
File format Photo: .jpg .png


Participants present their costumes and performance on stage
to the selected music (30 sec.- 1min.)

Jury rating

The participants stay on stage after the performance and answer any questions the jury may have


For questions that still arise, please contact us at